Water Based Activities


Jet Ski at The Bay

Across from Adventure Bay - 419-285-7547

The Jet Ski at The Bay is your only downtown jet ski rental option. As you get to know the island, you will discover that there are two ways in which you can ride a jet ski in Put in Bay; the first is to rent the equipment yourself and enjoy your own excursions, the second, bring your own. Clearly, option 1 is more practical, especially if you only want to have fun on the water for a couple hours or less. Jet Ski at The Bay is located in downtown Put-in-Bay on the waterfront adjacent to Toledo avenue. Jet skis rent by the half hour and can be reserved online. A coupon for 20 percent off the rental price is available on their website.

Kayak at the Bay

Down from Doller House - 419-967-0796

The Kayak at the Bay is located on Bayview Avenue across from the Doller Mansion and offers single and double sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks for cruising the Lake Erie islands. Whether you choose to stay in the harbor or go on an adventure around the island, you're guaranteed to have a good time. The Ohio State Fish Hatchery and Oak Point state park are located at the other end of the harbor and open to the public. Floats, water bikes, and ski tubes are also available for rent. Located one block from the Jet Express.

Put-in-Bay Parasail

At the Boardwalk - 419-285-3703

The Put-in-Bay Parasail is located one block from the Jet Express. We believe parasailing is a great way to see Put in Bay. The parasailing headquarters is conveniently located by the Boardwalk on the docks. Enjoy the windy breeze as you tour the island's beautiful terrace. By sailing from a 600-foot towline, taking off and landing on boats with flight decks allows you to remain dry. Or on a hot day, you have the option of getting wet in the Lake Erie Island waters if you choose. Parasailing is safe and fun for ages 3 and up, and no experience or athletic ability is necessary.

Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals

At the State Park - 419-285-2628

The Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals located at the South Bass Island State Park, offers a variety of things to do. Fully equipped with kayaks, wave runners, dinghys, and power boats, Put in Bay Watercraft Rentals allows you to further explore the island and its waters. Power Boats - If you love the water, but would like to skip the getting wet, then the power boats are for you. The Put in Bay Watercraft Rentals staff is happy to show you just how everything works for you to successfully enjoy your day. Yamaha WaveRunners - Big brother to the Jet Skis, and just as powerful as the sportier Jet Skis, the Yamaha WaveRunners are much more comfortable. With lots of padding, you can bust through waves like the smaller ones can't. For one or two riders. Dinghys - The dinghys here are just smaller boats with no engine. Kayaks - Available in singles and doubles, Put in Bay Watercraft Rentals provides you with super stable sit-on-top ocean kayaks,so you can ride with a friend. Complete with storage compartments, the kayaks allow you to get up close to the shoreline of the bay, where boats cannot.

Put-in-Bay Swimming

At the Monument & State Park

One of the main beaches is located just at the end of Catawba Ave at the South Bass Island State Park. Not within walking distance, you may want to rent a golf cart to get there, Delaware Cart & Bike Rentals will be happy to accommodate your needs. Known as the biggest beach on the island, this stone pebble beach has something for everyone. With Jet Ski and boat rentals on site, it also offers a playground area nearby for kids. South Bass Island State Park beach is a beautiful, scenic place for any get together. Secondly, located at the end of Delaware Ave, there is a small secluded beach. While also being a pebble beach, this tranquil coast is just a quiet walk away from the famous Perry's Monument. Conveniently located downtown, this small beach is equipped with many different activities nearby for every member of your family.

Put-in-Bay Sailing

536 Bayview Ave. - 419-285-4505

The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club (PIBYC) is located on South Bass Island in the western end of Lake Erie. We are dedicated to promoting all forms of yachting, power boating, sailing, and other aquatic sports. Annual events include cruise outs, picnics, parties, and numerous other social functions. "PIBYC is host to the Inter-Lake Yachting Association (I-LYA) Annual Regatta and other national and international sailing events. PIBYC is also a member of Associated Yacht Clubs (AYC); Western Lake Erie Cruiser Association (WLECA); Yachting Club of America (YCA); and Greater Cleveland Boating Association (GCBA). Members are encouraged to participate in affiliates' sailing and cruising events." The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is located just west of the downtown area of the Village of Put-in-Bay next to the Crews Nest.

Put-in-Bay Fishing

Captain Bruce - 419-341-2805

Put-in-Bay Ohio is also known as the Walleye Capital of the world. Put in Bay in Ohio's western basin of Lake Erie is the fishing destination of choice for small mouth bass, yellow perch and walleye. If it's top-notch Lake Erie fishing, you'll find it here! Lake Erie is truly a sport fisherman's dream. Fishermen from all over the United States test their skills in the fertile waters of Lake Erie. From ice fishing to trophy walleyes to buckets of perch, you'll find it here in the waters of Put-in-Bay. In the spring from early April to late May, schools of walleye are scattered along the reefs around the island. Perch, crappie, rock bass and smallmouth bass can be taken along the Island shoreline. In the summer, catfish are plentiful and the walleye can be found in the deeper waters surrounding the island. The fall finds fish moving back to the shallow waters around the Islands.

Put-in-Bay Sunset Cruises

535 Bayview Ave. - 419-304-2056

Whether your planning a romantic cruise for two, or a fun family getaway, our charter is what you are looking for. Take the helm or just relax and enjoy the view. Experience first hand the charm and excitement on board an all wood historic vessel built in 1938. Join Put-in-Bay cruises for a relaxing look at the Bass Islands from the other side. Enjoy what most people only dream about. Our 38-foot historic vessel is the most prestige way to watch a beautiful sunset or just a small day tour of the area.