Romantic Honeymoons

Honeymoon destinations in Ohio range from the great outdoors to waterside retreats. A honeymoon in Ohio could be quiet and secluded or cultural and cosmopolitan. The variety of destinations in Ohio can be surprising. Whether the happy couple wants to lounge by a campfire or paint the town red, Ohio has a romantic destination in store.

Put-in-Bay is a resort community located on South Bass Island on Lake Erie. Accessible by boat or small plane, Put-in-Bay gives visitors the feeling of an island escape in the heart of Ohio. Entertaining over 750,000 visitors annually, this popular destination makes an ideal honeymoon getaway. Island tours, fishing, golfing, parasailing, kayaking, and Jet Skiing are all available here. There are also a number of cozy bed-and-breakfasts, museums, restaurants, and shops for the happy couple to enjoy. Entertainment events and festivals are scheduled throughout the year, such as the Annual Spring Fling in May, the Annual Browns Backers Rib Cook-Off in June, and the Fall Bay Regatta in October.

Too often for couples, honeymoons are an afterthought to wedding planning. Approaching your getaway in this manner is a mistake. A honeymoon is an investment in memories for the rest of your life. Don't take chances with it. Instead, start with a conversation. Sit down and talk about the level of luxury and privacy you want, what you want to do every day, and the type of nightlife you desire. But don't despair if you reach an impasse. We've put together several profiles to help you find the perfect escape to fit your personalities. And all of them can be found on Put-in-Bay!

Tan Fans
Those partial to surf and turf need to get on the same wavelength when choosing where to share a beach blanket. Social creatures who thrive on water sports might prefer the communal atmosphere of an all-inclusive island resort such as the Put-in-Bay Resort & Conference Center. There you can mingle with other newlyweds over a poolside dance contest, get competitive with a game of beach volleyball next door, or forge new friendships while surfing the bubbles of our 40-person jacuzzi. Those who prefer their own place in the sun should head to an island retreat with private patios such as the Put-in-Bay Villas: You can unwind to the soft sound of a rockwall waterfall, arrange a romantic picnic on a remote park, or get active with a vaiety of water activities with your sweetie.

Survivors, Honeymoon Style
If khaki is the predominant color in your wardrobe, if you considered forgoing the veil for a pith helmet at your wedding, or if the words "Me, Tarzan, you, Jane" sound like sweet nothings to your ears, a honeymoon on the wild side of the island might be in order at Island Club Rentals. If the rumble of the jungle makes you roar, choose a rental house adventure in the wilds of our island "rain forest" to bring out the animal in you. Enjoy a quiet vacation home amidst the trees. Get down and dirty at our own private pool (bring your own beverages). Or search out wildebeest on an island golf-cart safari, and share a kiss overlooking the beautiful Lake Erie.

Fast-Lane Fanatics
If you must start the day with your favorite coffee and The Wall Street Journal; if you live on the cutting edge and don't want to miss a beat; or if you thirst for the knowledge found within museums, enjoy live entertainment, and prefer dining at five-star restaurants, a honeymoon in a city like Put-in-bay should fit the bill. Hotels teeming with culture can be found in the downtown, namely the Commodore Resort. Bone up on Put-in-Bay's history by staying in accommodations that put you in the center of town. Savor the city's architecture and landscape, discover local artists, check out the latest fashion trends with some upscale shopping, scout out intimate boutiques, and linger over a renowned chef's cuisine accompanied by wine from a nearby vineyard. Nightlife in a bustling island town is also not to be missed. Whether you prefer a techno-funk club or a trip to the piano bar, the city awaits you.

Fit to Be Pampered
If pleasurable pursuits are close to your heart, and you think a pedicure followed by a paraffin wax should be a national mandate; if you're health conscious and like working out the kinks with a Reebok Core Training class followed by a Shirodhara massage; or if you'd like to work off those last lingering five pounds before returning to civilization, a spa honeymoon should be on your menu. Begin your days lingering over a continental breakfast at the Bay Lodging Resort and getting focused on your day. Wind down by being pummeled into putty at the masseuse downtown and dining on fresh organic cuisine in one of our many restaurants. Starting a new health regime as you embark on your life together is a recommended prescription for even the most incurable romantics.

Love Nesters
A mere "Do Not Disturb" sign just doesn't cut it, and getting snowbound in a mountain cabin with no phone, fax machine, or television sounds horrible. For you, finding tranquility means privacy -- particularly since you feel the need to get reacquainted after the chaos of planning a wedding. Escape the maddening crowds of downtown and spend some one-on-one time in romantic seclusion at an island rental home. Whether it's a trip to the East Shore, an escape to your own private beach house, or a stack of videos with popcorn and champagne in your own quiet vacation home, your favorite kind of getaway is laid-back and low-key. After all, as they say, home is where the heart is.